Embracing technology

Today we did a Pursuing Peace presentation in a format that was new to us.

A usual P2 presentation involves us working with one or two classes for a double lesson. In that time we do a variety of activities. In some there is a whole class Q and A, in others we get the whole class up and moving and in some we break into small groups.

Today we presented to all the Year 8 - 12 students in a large gym at Tatachilla Lutheran College. Instead of getting the students to stand in certain places to signify how they felt about a certain issue, we used phone polls with live results on a large screen and instead of intimate Q and A, school captains went around with microphones so the students who wanted to ask or answer questions could be heard. We used microphones, as well, so we could be heard by all the students. We usually end with a Q and A with questions about us and our cultural/faith backgrounds, which we do in stations in a classroom. Today questions could be sent through via text message.

It all ran almost seamlessly. Kudos to the school.

We love doing our Pursuing Peace presentations and have done enough in a classroom setting to be very comfortable. Today we were taken out of our comfort zone. Even more importantly, however, we know that we can offer schools large presentations and use technology to do so. This adds the ICT capability to the others that we cover.

Rachel Gillespie